How Important Are URLs For SEO

We have always heard about the imminent demise of URL that are too difficult to write, save and keep in mind. Much research has not been done in this field. But the recent development in technology and the ever growing business is sure to take URL to an advanced position. Dirty URL are generally prone to hackers as the file extensions they use, disclose the fundamental technology and also expose the type of request that is being made. So, it is important to hide the architecture and still make it user friendly SEO hacker philippines.

According to SEO Consultants, dirty URL are often inundated with various identifiers and characters that are immaterial to the ordinary users. They are generally lengthy and complex in their structures. The hackers try to modify them as Dirty URL reveal valuable implementation details via the file extension of a dynamic web site. Security risks are obviously high and they do not support usability. Due to its exposed structure it is often difficult to change the technology.

It may come to your mind as to why you should use dirty URL?

The have very less positive points. A dirty URL encloses all the information needed to recreate a dynamic query. It can be used to discourage the reuse as it is difficult to remember. The disadvantages of dirty URL often supersede its advantages. It is beneficial on the part of the web developers to use a clean URL for their purpose.

While developing a site, a web developer should always keep the points in mind.

Short is Sweet: The design of an URL should always contain a short file name or site directories. Avoid descriptions, as it will confuse the users about what the page might contain in future. Use identifiers that best describe the page.
Technology, not to be exposed: Uses of Directory names that unveil the technology of the server are discouraged. More nonspecific paths should be used.
Use lower case: All files and directory names should be written in lower case so as to avoid confusion. This may not be an easy task under Linux OR Unix systems, so it is essential to get the process correct in spite of its case related issues.
Do not use punctuation in file names: While designing an URL it is often noticed that underscores are used. This may be difficult for users to remember. For separate file names it is suggested to use hyphens instead of underscores.
Host and domain name typos: It is always seen that users in a hurry make mistakes while typing. There may be companies that are difficult to spell. So if the organizations find the typo domain names and add up a few entries, it will make the site more user friendly.
Guessable URL: It should be possible for the users to guess the URL for a site entry. Mapping multiple URL to a site may make the job fairly easy and increase the usability of the site.

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