When Should I Buy My Travel Tickets?

This is the question that most of us don’t know the answer too. But this question has the potential to make or break you, so to speak. Naah! Just kidding. But buying travel tickets at reasonable prices is something that we usually don’t get to do. However we are here to help you make better decisions and improve your travel experience. So if you’re looking into buying tickets, we recommend you do it around the following days Manila hotels:

1. Black Friday:
Black Friday or sale heaven as I like to call it is guaranteed to give you the best deals for anything from clothes to home appliances. But what most people don’t know is that these deals are also extended to airline tickets. In fact they might actually be on their cheapest price. Who would’ve thought that, right?

2. The Last Week of October:
If you’re looking into flying home before thanksgiving then you probably won’t is able to avail the Black Friday discounts. In that case, the best time for you to book your tickets is the last week of October. The tickets prices are quite reasonable and if you look hard enough, you’ll be able to find some amazing discount deals.

3. Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursday:
When booking your tickets, try to ensure that fly on one of these days. Since these days are the middle of the week, the flights are bound to be available at a cheaper price. So if you’re just looking into making a small business trip or scheduling a meeting, make sure you do it in the middle of the week if possible.

4. 3-4 Months Before Summer Or Spring Break:
The Spring Break and Summer Break are considered to be the most crowded time of the year. Airfares during these times are literally sky high. So if you’re planning on flying somewhere during these holidays, make sure that you book your tickets 3 to 4 months in advance.

For some extra tips, here is a list of days that you should avoid booking tickets on:

5. Christmas Or New Years Eve:
Booking tickets around these days will give you the most expensive airfares possible. So try to avoid making booking around these days whenever possible. If you want to fly somewhere on Christmas Day or New Year’s Eve, make sure you book your tickets 2-4 months in advance. Or else you’ll probably end up spending a lot of money in return for bad service.

6. Last Minute Booking:
Avoid this at ALL costs!! Last minute bookings are always the most expensive. If you know you’re going to travel to someplace, Book your tickets well in advance. Do not wait till the last minute for this.

So now that you know everything about travel bookings. What are you waiting for? Black Friday is just around the corner, start booking your tickets now!

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